Captain America: Civil War Review (Warning: Spoilers)

Feel all the feels
Stop here if you haven’t seen the movie. This post contains massive spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyway…

The moment the entire Marvel universe and fandom has been waiting for: Civil War *angels sing*. I was fortunate enough to be able to see it with some good friends from my class on May 6th. I sat in the chilly theatre for 3 hours(yes 3) to see this cinematic masterpiece. Did it live up to my expectations? We’ll find out.

First off, my expectations were high. I fully expected my beliefs (within the Marvel universe) to be questioned and possibly changed. I expected redemption for Bucky and a comeback from Ultron. And I received most of that plus more.

Let me take a moment to talk about the surprise appearance (or at least a surprise for me) of Chadwick Boseman. I really liked him in 42 and was super excited to see him as Black Panther. I almost leapt out of my seat when he turned around. One of my favorite moments was the conversation with his father before his father died. *feels*

I also really appreciated the diversity in the casting. Seeing lots more black people than normal made me really happy (now if we could just get some Oscars). Plus, Sam Wilson/Falcon was life in this movie.

One thing that came across was Marvel nodding to current events. Such as when Tony Stark meets the woman by the elevator whose son was killed. It was a mirror of police brutality events in recent years.

The fact that they used real things like MSNBC, the United Nations, and countries very close to real ones, made everything seem authentic. I also liked the politics of it all. The Avengers had to choose between accountability and freedom which is a choice that seemed real and relevant.

The villainy in this movie was pure genius. Apparently the best way to defeat the Avengers is by dividing them from the inside. And during the fight between Iron Man and Cap when Cap apologizes for this saying Bucky is his friend. The moment when Iron Man says, “I was too.” That ripped out my heart guys, it’s got a gaping hole now. *sobs*

I didn’t like the romance between Cap and Sharon however. No one else found the fact that he fell in love with his first love’s great-niece strange? Did Sharon realize she was kissing a 90 something year old man? #weird. I ship Steve and Bucky more (as a friendship of course).

And also, I thought the movie was way too long. But I didn’t really get bored so I guess it was ok (other than the fact that I couldn’t walk when I got up after the movie). Dare I say that it might have been better than the first two Captain America movie??? *backs away slowly*

What did you think of Civil War?

Did you like it better than the other Cap movies?

Stay fly friends


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