Five Things Friday: Five Best Pizza Places in Nashville

**I actually wrote this on Friday but forgot to hit publish so here it is now…

Pizza the quintessential Italian American food. Here’s the lowdown on the my favorite spots to eat steaming slices in Music City.

5. Michelangelo’s

The decor of this place leaves much to be desired; it looks like Restaurant Impossible’s latest cause. But the pizza is pretty bomb… just eat it take out style.

4. Pie Five

This is a chain and therefore isn’t exclusive to Nashville but if you’re going out for pizza with a big group of eclectic tastes this is the place to be. Their personal pizzas are easily customizable and perfect in size.

3. 312

Chicago style pizza is always good if done right. And this pizza tastes like what I’ve had in Chicago. Also, the deep dish is to die for.

2. Pizza Perfect

I love the pizza here and I have great memories of eating there when I was younger. The Capi Margherita is probably my favorite, plus the slices are pretty big so that’s a win.

  1. Old Chicago

I’ve only eaten their pizza once but it was so delicious that, for now it’s number one. Another Chicago style place and in my opinion it outshines 312.

Now go eat pizza to your heart’s content. And comment below with your favorite pizza place in your city.

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