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Travel Diary: Twin Cities Day 5

As our epic trip in Minneapolis came to a close. I was hit with the mixed feeling of excitment to go home and sadness at leaving an awesome city.

We left extra early in morning to get on the road, our drive was a mixture of some us sleeping, occasional stopping and tons of singing (road trip music is life). I also read a lot, I finished two books: The Sign of the Beaver and Unsigned Hype (a review of Unsigned Hype coming soon.)

Driving or riding always works up an appetite, so we stopped for breakfast at Eggsclusive Cafe in Illinois.

I was enamored with the decor in Eggsclusive, everything followed the theme of eggs. The color pallette was silver and white and the elements largely circular even the menus were round.

My sister and I ordered the fresh squeezed orange juice and strawberry juice, I think it was called The Sunrise, and it was so fresh and sweet, quite tasty.

Then I split the chicken cabo skillet with my mom and it was delicious, the only issue was that there were too many jalapenos. The portions are so large here that I could’ve shared my half of the meal.

The rest of our trip home was uneventful and we made it back home after a wonderful trip. I am so thankful for the opportunity to explore a new city!

Stay fly


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