Chattanooga Food

This past Saturday, my family and I went to Chattanooga for a day trip. We went to Lake Winnie, an amusement park, and rode some rad roller coasters. But this post is not about the park, it’s about the food.

We went to Lupi’s pizza after our thrill ride escapades. As an appetizer we ordered the Caprese salad which was accompanied by fresh made bread. The bread was amazing.

We also ordered their special beverage for the day: black cherry soda. Our server brought it to us in a chilled glass, and it gave Cherry Coke a serious run for its money. It was biting and sweet and cool, with a real cherry flavor

 But, while the Caprese and soda were good, let me tell you, that pizza was the bomb! We created our own pizza featuring toppings such as sun-dried tomatoes, red onions and italian sausage. The crust was the perfect amount of chewy meets crispy, and the combination of all the elements made for a heavenly slice.

After Lupi’s we next door to a doughnut shop called Tasty Donuts. We got a dozen and I chose three: Old Fashioned, Maple and Peanut Butter.

The best one was the Old Fashioned it had a great texture and a simple sweetness. The Maple was also good, although a little bit to sweet. And the peanut butter was my least favorite because of an off-putting aftertaste.But I was sugared up and happy from our amazing trip!

Stay fly


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