My Favorite Met Gala Looks Pt 2

Today is the second installment of my favorite looks from this year’s Met Gala, if you missed it check out part 1. My sister is joining me for this one also, her comments are under AJ and mine are under AG.

Image via Huffington Post Australia

Fei Fei Sun -Alberta Ferretti

AG: The simpliciy of this dress in gorgeous. It seems to be a more approachable version of the Commes des Garcons aesthetic. I love the architecture of the sleeves and the color.

AJ: Very streamline then you have the sleeves. Which add a slight space theme. The silver clutch adds an extra pop.

Image via Pop Sugar

Gigi Hadid -Tommy Hilfiger

AG: I find the colors and fabrics of this interesting: the tulle train and satin bodice compliment each other nicely. I also love the fishnet tights (socks) with the ensemble. However, I think the off the shoulder looks strange, like it slid down, I would have preferred the sleeves to be symmetrical.

AJ: I’m a big fan of symmetry so this isn’t my kind of dress. Although it fits with the theme. I like the gold blush color even though it is very close to her skin tone. 

Image via Just Jared

Jourdan Dunn -H&M

AG: This is a look I would wear so hard. The angles of the pieces of the bodice and skirt look like they were printed in a 3D printer. It’s elegant and futuristic at the same time, thus perfect for the Met Gala. I think the suspender strap is odd and unnessecary, without it though this look is superb.

AJ: This is probably my favorite dress the detail fom the nails to the earrings is simply stunning the top is definitly my favorite part. The sleeves add a futuristic look. The pinstripe skirt and bow give it contrast.

Image via Just Jared

Zendaya -Dolce and Gabbana

AG: The orangey coral and yellow give this dress a tropical feel that I adore. The off the shoulder full ball gown style also speaks to me. I know some people dislike the birds but I find them to be unexpected and fun, which is how Rei Kawakubo’s designs are. Law Roach, Zendaya’s stylist, is my fave stylist and I think he nailed this look. Plus, her hair and makeup team deserve a round of applause for serving looks like this!

AJ: I like this look…except for the parrot. Really a big parrot in the middle of the dress not my aesthetic. (Though the colors are popping) and the makeup artist is slayin’, the lip color: poppin’. It’s not my favorite of Zendaya’s hairstyles but it’s okay.

Image via Just Jared

Michael B. Jordan -Ralph Lauren

AG: A double-breasted tartan suit is totally unexpected, yet somehow it works. I wish instead of a white bow tie he would’ve worn a contrasting color such as a green from the suit, as it currently gets lost in the white shirt. My only other complaint is the tight cut of the pants, they make his proportions look off and his feet abnormally large.

AJ: I don’t think I can get past the hair… Really what is he doing these days. But on an aside the shoes are nice and the watch matches really well. (I’m not a big fan of men looks on the red carpet so…)

Image via E! Online

Lily Aldridge -Ralph Lauren

AG: Honestly, you either love this look or you hate it, and I love it. It’s so sleek and daring in its structure, but not overwhelming. When I saw the look I instantly fell in love with the boots which I remembered from Balenciaga’s runway show, I love how the pop of red balances the white. But I think that fuschia tulle is just extra and read too costumey.

AJ: As Akilah said you either love it or you hate it. While she loves it I hate it…with a passion. (Yes we are birth sisters… or are we? *me doing an evil laugh*) I don’t like the overall dress. I can’t stand the boots. And the tulle: just bleah.

Image via Just Jared

Rihanna -Comme des Garcons

AG: Thiiiiisssss dress! I love the origami feel of it, the color scheme, and the shape. It’s wearable art, which in my opinion rivals modern impressionists. The makeup and hair compliment so well, I love the smudged eyeshadow and the top knot which brings out the Asian feel. The lace up sandals balance the busyness of the dress well. Everytime I look at this picture I find more to love.

AJ: Honest opinion: it looks like if a butterfy came through the window it would land on her thinking she was a flower. You can take that to mean this look is good or bad. Not my favorite but not terrible.

That’s all for now! What did you think of the Met Gala?

Stay fly,

Akilah (and Anaya)

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