Would You Rather ~Fashion Edition

Would You Rather is one of my favorite games so I’m stoked to play this fashion edition today. I got these questions from Popsugar Australia and I’m just going to answer them. Definitely tell me your answers in the comments.

Would you rather win a pair of designer shoes every month for a year? Or have 10 minutes to raid the Vogue fashion cupboard?

This is a difficult question right off the bat but I’d definitely choose Vogue closet. Ten minutes is really all I need to grab all the Balmain, Chlo√®, YSL, Off-White, and Alexander Wang I need. Plus I can get some designer shoes while I’m in there and get more variety.

Would you rather get 30 minutes to raid Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe? Or have Vogue stylist’s at your beck and call for a year?

Again I must choose Vogue. Since I want to be a stylist, I get so excited thinking about all I could glean from the creative minds at Vogue and all the networking connections a year could provide.

Would you rather lose a suitcase full of your favorite clothes? Or tear a hole in your designer handbag?

Tearing a hole in one handbag doesn’t seem as catastrophic to me as losing a whole suitcase full of clothes. I prefer clothes to handbags anyway so I’d survive.

Would you rather work on and launch a successful collaboration with Isabel Marant? Or score 10 pieces from a designer of your choice?

I’d rather have the collaboration, because while I’d love to have 10 Balmain pieces, I see a collaboration with Isabel Marant as being fun but also providing me with a lot of career opportunities. Thus, in the long run that collab would pay off more.

Would you rather only shop online ever again? Or only shop in store ever again?

In store allllll the way! I don’t like to wait for my stuff to come in the mail and I need to try things on and feel textures when shopping.

Would you rather as of tomorrow only wear black and white? Or as of tomorrow only wear colors and prints?

Although I love colors and prints but I think it’d be easier for me to only wear black and white but I have to cheat a little and add gray because gray is life.

Would you rather wear heels forever or flats forever?

Not sure if sneakers are included in this or not but I could probably survive on only platform sneakers so I’d choose heels forever. Heels forever would allow me to wear wedges most of the time for comfort but still have the option to be fancy.

Would you rather spend have $4,000 to spend at Myer or $2,000 to spend at Chanel?

I didn’t know what Myer was at first but it appears to be an Australian online store. They don’t carry any brands I’m truly interested in so I’ll say Chanel. $2,000 is enough to cop an iconic crossbody.

Let me know in the comments which question you found the hardest.

Stay fly,


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