28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 20

Nikki Grimes

Expertly weaving Christianity throughout intriguing narratives, it’s no wonder Nikki Grimes is a greatly beloved and acclaimed children’s and young adult author. I recently read her novel A Girl Named Mister which introduces us to Mary Rudine, a young teenager busy with church and school, devoted to her promise of purity. The narrative deals with the aftermath of her breaking that promise and the consequences of sexual sin. Ms. Grimes draws parallels from the story of Mary the mother of Jesus in a fresh way. And despite the subject matter she keeps this book appropriate which shows immense writing skill.

One thing that I love about this novel is that it shows the consequences of sin but also the complete and total forgiveness of God. It shows how God can make beauty from broken things and that he uses people to show his good and wonderful nature. Ms. Grimes also illustrates beautiful mother-daughter relationships, the metamorphosis of the parent-child dynamic, and the power of a mother’s constant love.

I’m in the midst of reading Ms. Grimes Dark Sons and I’m looking forward to finishing it soon and reading more of her dynamic work.

Stay fly,


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