28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 25

Kwame Alexander

I’m not a sports person.

So why is a book about a basketball prodigy one of my favorites? Because of Kwame Alexander’s writing genius. In his book The Crossover he tells the story of a kid obsessed with basketball through gorgeous bits of poetry and hip-hop verse.

But this story doesn’t stop at basketball, it touches on death, love, and brotherhood. It focuses on the importance of family using basketball as a metaphor for life. One of my favorite quotes: “I am unprepared for death. This is a game I cannot play. It has no rules, no referees, you cannot win.” I can’t get this part out of my mind, it puts our mortality as humans into perspective and it mirrors everything I’ve been pondering lately.

This is what I mean about Mr. Alexander’s writing. It hits you. It grabs you. It holds you. Thinking deeply but writing clearly Kwame Alexander draws all kinds of people into his narrative.

Building on the sports theme comes another of his works Booked. A soccer narrative about Nick, a strong character with a clear voice, Booked is another story I’d recommend. I played soccer when I was younger, and though I have no connection to the game whatsoever, I do appreciate the storyline and character development of this story. Nick truly grows over the course of the book and we witness how the events in his life shape him.

Kwame Alexander is swiftly becoming one of my favorite authors and I’m looking forward to reading his other books Solo and Rebound. Definitely look for reviews of those in the future.

Stay fly,


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