Who’s Akilah?

She’s that girl you got into a modern art debate with last week. She’s the one who only topped the time she spent in the library with the time she spent in the mall. She’s that girl who sings the words and background music at the same time.

You definitely did not see her on the bus the other day because she wasn’t riding public transportation and she’s definitely not outside if she doesn’t have to be. But if you mention a Kpop boy group or the words “censorship or propaganda” she’ll suddenly appear.

She’s the one crying in the movie theater, clapping and screaming at the computer screen, and breaking into song at random moments. She was probably that girl at the party who ate two cupcakes and she was definitely the one who complimented you on your outfit.

Ask her about her favorite Ready to Wear designer and she’ll happily oblige, but ask her anything math related and she’ll probably politely decline. Don’t be surprised if she starts rapping in Korean or quoting books.

If you want to talk about theology, conspiracy theories, or Michael Jackson she’s definitely your girl. Her favorite scripture changes from week to week and her favorite song is actually 10 different ones.

If you want to understand her you should be fluent in savagery, quotes, and song lyrics with a bit of French thrown in. If you feel like she’s analyzing you it’s probably because she is.

In short, she’s just a normal girl who’s not normal at all.

Stay fly