Down and Across by Arvin Ahmad

I was pacing the shelves in my library a few weeks ago, ecstatic to find myself completely alone in the YA section, when I stumbled upon Down and Across. I'd seen this book on a list of YA books by authors of color, and now it's blue-green spine was staring back at me. I decided… Continue reading Down and Across by Arvin Ahmad


Favorite Albums of 2018 (So Far)

In which I fulfill my dream of being a music writer, and share my favorite albums of 2018's first half in no particular order... Positive Artist: Pentagon Genres: Kpop; Khip-hop Release Date: April 2 Favorite Tracks: Do it for Fun; Shine; Off-Road In the past, I've never been able to fall in love with Pentagon's… Continue reading Favorite Albums of 2018 (So Far)