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BTS IDOL Fashion Analysis

The final installment of the Love Yourself Series is out! IDOL is amazing, personally I like it even better than Fake Love and DNA (I still love those songs though). Today, we’re going to talk about the symbolism and themes exemplified in the fashion of this video.

I did a similar thing with Fake Love and since I had a ball writing and researching for it, we’re doing it again!


As I watched this the first time, I definitely got Afro pop vibes from it, and this was shown in the suits they wore in the opening and closing shots. The slim fit, bright colors, and busy patterns scream Nigerian street style. I totally dig it since it’s something unlike what BTS has done in the past.


They cut to a scene where the members are decked out in khaki colored outfits. It reminded me of a safari…but like a high fashion safari. The monochromatic color palette contrasts starkly with the vibrant suits, possibly showing the constrains that society has put on BTS (and everyone). That scene is rather bland, showing the way being in the spotlight can water down one’s personality.


During Yoongi’s verse, he wears a sweater with Snow White on it. In the Brother’s Grimm version of Snow White, the evil queen has a mirror which she asks continually who the fairest in the land is. When the answer is Snow White she flies into a fit of rage and attempts to kill Snow White. This sweater seems to be countering that vain and jealous view of loving yourself demonstrated by the queen, by focusing on Snow White, who wasn’t threatened by the queen and lived her life despite her antagonist’s attacks.


Speaking of antagonists, J-Hope wears a yellow Bugs Bunny sweater (which I really want btw). Bugs Bunny is infamous for continually outsmarting his antagonists and winning nearly every time. This reference calls back to some earlier lyrics “you can’t stop me from loving myself”, No matter how many times the other characters try to outsmart Bugs, he wins in the end. Just like no matter how many times haters try to get BTS down, they’ll always love themselves in the end.


Next let’s talk about Tae. In much of the video he’s spotted in this look:


Does it remind you of anything?

How about this one from Dope:


Going from black plastic frames to gold wire ones, shorts to slacks, and a bow tie to necktie show growth and maturation. Even though they’re quite different, these outfits have the same core. Part of loving yourself is allowing yourself to grow yet keeping the core of who you are. Also, the colors of the IDOL look are definitely more vibrant and bright, showing that with growth comes more freedom and confidence.


Freedom and confidence are huge themes in the fashion of this video. The bold mixture of prints show a level of “I don’t really care what people say about me, I’m going do what I want.”


Finally, in one scene, the members are seen sporting long sating robes and loose-fitting ensembles. The aesthetic is quite similar to Blood Sweat & Tears with it’s luxury, and Fake Love with it’s saturation and dark hues. Where it differs in a meaningful way is the silhouette: these oversized robes give a feel of relaxation and regality, freedom and confidence. It seems as if BTS is saying: “Yeah, sometimes loving yourself is difficult and dark but guess what, we’re royalty and we’re comfortable with who we are.”

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Is That Trend Still In?

Trend analysis is the perfect marriage of my two loves: fashion and research. It takes into account the cultural climate, time periods and global events to produce a picture (albeit limited) of our society through clothing.

I was beyond ecstatic when a couple of weeks ago Fashionista published a trend report from Google. I’m so ready to discuss and give my thoughts here.

Trends that have shown steady growth over the past years and are still in:

Biker pants

To me, biker pants are just glorified leather leggings. And while I don’t have a problem with them on the surface, I stand by my conviction that leggings are not pants. Therefore, biker pants can look rad styled well, say with a flowy burgundy tunic, gold choker and strappy black sandals. I also think lace could add a nice contrast with the bad girl look of the biker pants.

Ripped jeans

Yaaassss, I am in love with ripped jeans (having diy’d my own) and am excited they’ll be sticking around. I’ve been on the lookout for some medium wash boyfriend jeans to go to town ripping.

Trends that are likely to come back bigger and better:

Kimono dress

Honestly, I’m not sure what the term kimono dress encompasses. I’ve seen it used to describe everything from close to the traditional Japanese garment to a striped jersey fabric dress with wide sleeves. So, while I like the way traditional kimonos look and even have a top that is kimono inspired, I’m not really into the jersey dress with wide sleeves being labeled a kimono dress.


Go romper! I am enamored with rompers in pictures, unfortunately because I have a long torso and long legs, I’m not sure if the style is going to work for me. I’m still holding out hope though.


A coatigan is basically an unstructured coat, a hybrid between cardigan and coat. I am intrigued by the look and I kind of have one already, that is gray with fur. I’m not sure if it is indeed a coatigan since it has buttons and such, but it is very slouchy.

Shirt dress

Again, a trend that I have a struggle wearing. I have a black shirt dress, but because of its stiff yet baggy shape I can only wear it with a belt or as a duster. However, it’s satisfying to see a bit of a classy/prep item still in style.

Boho dress (U.S.)

The beauty of the boho dress is the broadness of the term, it may describe a maxi dress with a handkerchief hem or a wide-sleeved lace dress belted. I think Coachella may have something to do with this trend as it has a festival vibe. The maxi version is my preferred style of it with a floppy black hat, cloth choker and gladiator sandals. Go festival or go home.

Trends with recent, sudden growth that may burn out soon

Off-the-shoulder top

Nooo, I don’t want this top to goooo! The breezy, yet classy style of this trend is gorgeous, I especially like the chambray version.


Huh, I have a love-hate relationship with bodysuits. They look wonderful paired with ripped jeans, especially the long-sleeved body suits. I also spotted a lady rocking one with harem pants the other day. But, it seems as if this trend was started by people trying to wear the lace up ones, not completely laced up. And sometimes they’re too revealing for my tastes. Like with everything they can be well used or completely abused.

Lace-up top (U.S.)

Again, I like these in some capacity, but when you have it loosely laced down to your belly button, well, I ain’t about that life.


I’m happy this trend is on the way out, I’ve seen many people who aren’t built to wear a bralette wearing one. A bralette is not a shirt guys, it is an undergarment. Don’t forget that.

Dashiki dress

When fashion from other cultures is popular in mainstream America, it can be a blessing or a curse. That’s where I am with the dashiki dress at this point. On the one hand my Pinterest board is filled with gorgeous dashiki dresses, ankara print pants and African inspired headwraps. But much like the kimono dress when you add the term “dress” to the end of a garment that has historical and cultural significance and then buy it at Forever 21, it loses some of its importance and value.

Traditionally, the dashiki is colorful, loose men’s shirt originating in West Africa. The American version is worn by both sexes, however, and has evolved into dresses in some capacities. I don’t think it’s wrong to wear the dashiki dress at all, however I wonder how people from West Africa feel when we wear a dashiki dress from a fast fashion retailer made in China.

Trends that are going downhill and we won’t see coming back anytime soon:

Drop-crotch pants

Let me just say, I’m so thankful. Drop-crotch pants are not my style, MC Hammer may be the only one who can pull them off well. Also the versions that I’ve seen are tight everywhere but the crotch (unlike hammer pants which are just all around baggy.) They just aren’t a good look.

See-through clothes

God is good guys.

Acid wash jeans

I’m sensing that the residual trends from the 90s are fading away. Strangely though, it seems chokers and overalls and such are getting more popular than ever. But I could take or leave acid wash jeans.

Babydoll dresses

This isn’t surprising, as it seems that women’s fashion is going in a bit more of a masculine direction. I don’t have strong feelings one way or another about this trend.

Trends that will probably fade more each year

Asymmetrical skirt

This one can leave, I ain’t mad.

Waist trainer

Just, leave already, I was done with this a million years ago. It looks like those commercials with people and their bad back contraptions.

Maxi shirt (U.S.)

I have no clue what this is, and when I Googled it they only gave me results for a maxi skirt. Maybe Fashionista had a typo?

Trends that have had their fun and are tumbling down the mountain of uncoolness:

Suede skirt

*cries in corner* I kept seeing these and wanted one so much, unfortunately I was broke at the time and didn’t get one. Now, when I could possibly scrape together some pennies, they’re out of style.

Whatever, I’m still going to buy it because I wear what I want *flips hair*

Stay fly


What trends were you ready to see die? Which do you miss already?