Is BTS Low Quality Music?

Recently, I saw a DKDKTV video in my feed that grabbed my attention. It was called "BTS is Low Quality Music". Of course, I couldn't scroll on by after that. I had to see what this was about. The video was an answer to Parkgaedae's video "BTS is McDonald's" (which he has since deleted). His… Continue reading Is BTS Low Quality Music?

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Thankful Ramblings + OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving! Since I'm one of those people who must dress up for Thanksgiving, I thought it'd be in order to do an outfit of the day. But, of course I can't leave it at that, so here's 3 things I'm thankful for: Doing what I love I'm so thankful that God has allowed me… Continue reading Thankful Ramblings + OOTD


Kpop Comebacks Review –September

Kpop comebacks were lit this month, so I thought it would be fun to review some that I watched/listened to and enjoyed. I’m evaluating the music videos in five categories: concept, aesthetics/cinematography, fashion/beauty, choreography, and song. I’ll be discussing my thoughts in each of these categories, giving a one to five rating in each one,… Continue reading Kpop Comebacks Review –September


The Struggle is Real: Representation of the Middle Passage in Literature

Every race, culture, and member of humanity has a struggle. And their struggles are what make stories, stories that are written on paper, stories that are published, that we pick up at our libraries and bookstores. These stories are the ones that we read, that expose us to new ideas, comfort us, and give us… Continue reading The Struggle is Real: Representation of the Middle Passage in Literature