Two Ten Jack : Japanese-inspired Izayaka

iz·a·ka·ya /ēˈzäkəyə,ēzəˈkīə/ noun: izakaya; plural noun: izakayas a type of Japanese bar in which a variety of small, typically inexpensive, dishes and snacks are served to accompany the alcoholic drinks. After dozens of Yelp searches, menu perusal, and deliberation. I finally decided on a restaurant for my 17th birthday dinner: Two Ten Jack Nashville. If… Continue reading Two Ten Jack : Japanese-inspired Izayaka


Lunch at Plaza Mariachi

I absolutely adore places that are dedicated to celebrating culture and Plaza Mariachi is one of those places. It's a collection of restaurants and specialty stores that showcase Latin culture. They have live music, an array of cuisines, and even a grocery store where you can buy authentic ingredients. A few months ago, we went… Continue reading Lunch at Plaza Mariachi


Five Things Friday: Five Best Pizza Places in Nashville

**I actually wrote this on Friday but forgot to hit publish so here it is now... Pizza the quintessential Italian American food. Here's the lowdown on the my favorite spots to eat steaming slices in Music City. 5. Michelangelo's The decor of this place leaves much to be desired; it looks like Restaurant Impossible's latest… Continue reading Five Things Friday: Five Best Pizza Places in Nashville