Faux Fur + Perfect Presents

My brother hasn’t always known what to get me for Christmas. We’re 15 years apart and we don’t live in the same house anymore so we honestly don’t know each other that well. The best example of this disconnect was an Elmo backpack when I was at least 5 years removed from being into Elmo, So, in the more recent years I’ve asked for money or we’ve gone to the mall together to get what I want.

This past Christmas when he asked me what I wanted, I sent a link to the exact thing. In the back of my mind I knew though, that he wasn’t into online shopping and would probably give me something else. I was nervous and just hoped for a gift card or something. But his “ok I got ya” text put me at ease a little.

Fast forward to our Christmas celebration. He handed me a shirt box: way too big for a gift card. “Hey, give him some credit,” I told myself, “it could be good this year.” and it was. I opened the box to find a muted blush faux fur stole. It was gorgeous. But even more than that it was a gift that showed he knew at least something about what I liked and what my style was.

I styled that faux fur stole with a pink jacket and white shirt for the first time. I’m excited to see what other looks I can create with this piece. It was an amazing Christmas gift.

Stay fly,


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Thankful Ramblings + OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I’m one of those people who must dress up for Thanksgiving, I thought it’d be in order to do an outfit of the day. But, of course I can’t leave it at that, so here’s 3 things I’m thankful for:


Doing what I love

I’m so thankful that God has allowed me to do what I enjoy everyday. I’m thankful for supportive parents who encourage me and friends who share in what I enjoy. It’s amazing to live in a time where I can get instructions on any skill and share my thoughts within seconds. I’m thankful for the connectivity and creativity that the internet brings.



I know it might seem like not that big of a deal, but it’s no accident that I discovered Kpop this year, God makes everything happen for a reason 🙂

I’m thankful for the new friends it’s brought me: in real life and over the internet. I’m thankful for the happiness and inspiration it brings me.

I’m thankful for BTS at the AMAs, Monsta X’s First Win, and EXO’s continued success (together). I’m thankful for B.A.P, BigBang, Seventeen, Got7, NCT (all of them), Pentagon, KNK, CNBlue, Taemin, GD, Heize, and all the groups and solo artists I’ve yet to discover!


Lasting love

This year in October my parents celebrated their 20th anniversary. It’s amazing to me, the love they have for God and each other that’s allowed them to stay together this long. And not just barely together existing in the same space from day to day, but truly loving each other and thriving together.

Today is not only Thanksgiving, it’s my paternal grandparents’ 50th anniversary. Today in 1967, my grandparents began their lives together and their amazing legacy. Almost everyone who was at their wedding has since passed away, but not only are they still alive, they’re still together. I’m so thankful for all the celebrations of lasting love that this year has brought so far.

Stay fly,


What are you thankful for?

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DNA ~BTS (Bangtan Boys) Inspired Outfit // Suga

We’re now living in the DNA era and look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now! This MV is aesthetically, musically, and choreographically stunning. Inspiration hit me from every angle while watching this the 75+ times I’ve seen it since 5:09 a.m. On Monday September 18, 2017. One of the things I was struck by was Yoongi’s outfit in this comeback. Everyone’s been talking about the abundance of Gucci, Jimin’s sequined jacket, and Hoseok’s tiger sweater but Yoongi’s outfits aren’t getting enough love. The first look he sports in this MV is my focus for today. It’s simplicity is what makes it so amazing: a red and black striped tank, jeans, suspenders, and a white button down. Check out my take on this lewk!


Summertime 70s~OOTD

What’s good! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted and I apologize for leaving without notice. But now I have some fun posts planned for you: travel diary entries, food reviews, and such, but they will take a litle bit more time and planning on my part before they’re released. So in the mean time I decided to to a little outfit post.

Top: Dillard’s | Shorts: Goodwill | Shoes: Converse | Choker: F21

This top is one of my current favorites. After snagging it for $9.00 at Dillard’s New Year’s Day sale, I’ve become obsessed. The floaty sleeves remind me of the 70s and the black floral give any outfit a sophisticated vibe. The keyhole tie in the front and the hi-low hem are details that say anything but basic. Because the top is such a standout piece I decided to pair it with denim shorts and Chuck Taylors so the shirt could shine. This is an outfit that will definitely be on repeat!

Stay fly,



Au Naturale ~OOTD

Shirt ~Gift | Jeans ~DIY Forever 21 via Goodwill | Sandals ~Off Broadway Shoes | Watch ~Claire’s | Earrings ~Charlotte Russe

I adore getting unexpected gifts! There’s just something special about when someone thinks of you out of the blue and gives you something for no reason at all. God has blessed me with so many people in my life who love me and know me well, and who will randomly give me something that makes my day. Recently one of my favorite former tutors gifted me a super fly natural hair t-shirt. The graphic is gorgeous with the hair in the shape of Africa and I couldn’t wait to style it! For a casual look I paired it with my favorite distressed jeans and white sandals. Rose gold jewelry elevated it from basic to chic and I further repped natural hair with a curly fro. I’ve actually worn this outfit multiple times and I’ve received so many compliments, it’s definitely a new favorite piece.

Stay fly,



Easter Fit ~ft. My sister

On Me: Dress ~Dillard’s | Sandals ~Off Broadway Shoes | Earrings ~Charlotte Russe | Bracelets ~Charming Charlie | Nails ~Sinful Colors Gold Medal + Sally Hansen Insta Dri Slick Slate

On My sister: Dress ~Dillard’s | Sandals ~Payless | Earrings ~Claire’s | Necklace ~Charming Charlie’s (borrowed from me) | Nails: Love & Beauty Rose/Gold

Happy Resurrection Day! I hope all of your Easter’s are amazing. The tomb is empty and the King is alive! Today my sister and I are doing our Easter OOTD. Every year our grandma takes my sister and I with our mom out to dress shop for Easter and Christmas. This semi-annual shopping excursion is an event I look forward too. It’s a day where I get to enjoy hanging out with my grandma, mom, and sister and get new clothes.This year I went for an olive green maxi dress and Anaya went for a pink lacey one.

This dress for my super tall sister is probably her last kids dress. It was the only one in the girls’ section that fit. Yet, it wasn’t just the fact that it fit, but the simplicity of this dress that drew her to it. She wore some of her favorite pearl earrings and a pearl necklace to bring out the pearls in the belt, and summery sandals.

When I saw my dress, I hoped so much that it would fit. The lace bodice and olive hue of the dress drew me to it. And once it fit me perfectly I knew it was mine. The style of it reads very Coachella to me also. Gold jewelry completes the look: gold hoops a blush and gold and a purple and gold bracelet. I pulled out the purple and gold in my bracelet with purple/gray and gold nail polish on my nails. And for my hair I did my new signature curly fro.

All in all I think we look pretty fly together. And thanks so much to our grandma for Easter dresses! Happy Easter fam!

Stay fly,

~Akilah (and Anaya)

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A Week in My Wardrobe

Today I’m going to show you guys what I wear during a given week. I photographed outfits Friday through Thursday, some of these are new outfits I put together, so you can also see my style and how I build looks.


I had a debate meeting today, and I just built this outfit around a sweater that I recently bought. I also played around with textures with the sequins and crushed velvet choker.

Sweater: Banana Republic via Goodwill | Button Down/Flannel: Gap via Goodwill | Jeans: JC Penny | Boots: Kenneth Cole via gift | Jacket: Dillard’s via gift | Choker: Charlotte Russe

Today we had brunch at our house, so I went for something comfy and simple, just a sweater and jeans.

Sweater: Rue 21 via Goodwill | Jeans: DIY Forever 21 via Goodwill

On Sunday for church I went with a clean simple look with sharp colors and gold jewelry. Because it was chilly and to add some edginess I wore a black denim jacket.

Sweater: Gap via Goodwill | Skirt: Macy’s via gift | Jacket: H&M via Goodwill | Shoes: Fergalicious by Fergie via Off Broadway Shoes | Necklace: Gift | Rings: Charming Charlie and Claire’s | Nail color: Sinful Colors Nice Stems

Classes all day today, a baseball cap was in order. I went with a black and mint color pallette, most of my closet is mint, and it’s a color that I love to wear. I’m also wearing mint Converse high tops but I forgot to take a picture of them.

Tee: Goodwill | Jeans: TJ Maxx | Cardigan: Belk | Necklace: Gift | Baseball Cap: Charlotte Russe


I went to play rehearsal today, and its always cold in there so I reached for my sweatshirt for effortless vibes. And yes, these are the same jeans from Saturday.

Sweatshirt: Aéropostale via gift | Jeans: DIY Forever 21 via Goodwill | Shoes: Converse Store via gift


Edgy was my theme today, with my cold shoulder jacket and sparkly oxfords, this outfit is far from normal.

Jacket: DIY Loft via Goodwill* | Jeans: JC Penny via gift | Shoes: Goodwill | Choker: Charlotte Russe


More play rehearsal, then choir rehearsal for today. Another Gap sweater, which I apparently have a lot of and jeans. I love the way the flared jeans and loose cropped sweater balance each other out.

Sweater: Gap via Goodwill | Jeans: Hand-me-down from friend | Necklace: gift | Boots: Michael Shannon via Off Broadway Shoes

That’s all folks!

*I could do a tutorial of this jacket if you guys want to see it. Let me know in the commments.

Which outfit was your favorite?

Stay fly,