Valentine’s Day Mini Lookbook

Hey!! Valentine’s day is coming up and I wanted to share three outfit options in case you need some outfit ideas for the big day.

ⓛⓞⓞⓚ ①

Sweater: Goodwill/American Eagle

Jeans: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Converse

Necklace: Claire’s

This one is quite casual: perfect if you have school on Valentine’s day and want to be cute but still comfortable. The soft pink of the sweater is pretty and romantic, I decided to pair it with medium wash jeans rather than dark wash to keep the color palette soft. Finally, I added my white and rose gold sneakers. They’re a bit chunky but the colors make them sleek.

ⓛⓞⓞⓚ ②

Top: Goodwill

Jeans: Goodwill

Shoes: Converse

If you’re into less expected ensembles, this is for you. I’m in love with these baggy jeans and I decided to pair them with this pink and white stripe button down. With the white belt, I added some balance to the baggy jeans by emphasizing my waist and topped the fit off with my white sneakers again.

ⓛⓞⓞⓚ ③

Top: Goodwill/Rag n’ Bone

Pants: Goodwill

Shoes: So Aesthetic Shop

Earrings: Target

For a fancier but still comfy look, I went for a white textured top and hot pink pants. This is perfect for those who want to make a statement at a party on Valentine’s day. I added my platforms for added height and dimension since the iridescence tops off the crisp white and hot pink colors.

Let me know which outfit was your favorite and what you plan to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Stay fly,



Haul // Leather + Menswear

Recently I’ve received a bunch of amazing new clothes. Some of them are hand-me-downs from my mom… and dad (shocker) and some are from Goodwill.

I apologize for some of the clothes being wrinkled, I haven’t worn them yet and therefore haven’t ironed 🙂

First off, I’ll start with the clothes I got from my mom. These were some items that we found in the attic on Memorial Day:

This skirt is from a brand called Rafferty, it wraps around and buttons at the waist. I have one in white and one in a forest green color.

Next this purple pleated maxi skirt, from The Limited. It’s rather short on me, it hits at my ankles, but I’m gonna “make it work!” (comment below if you get that reference)

I also love this velvet(ish) dress with the details on the neckline. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit me, so it will need alterations.

And finally, my favorite of the clothes from my mom this padded shoulder leather dress. Just, yasss! In the picture it doesn’t look as nice as it does on me, but believe me, it’s amazing.

Up next is the hand-me-down that I got from my dad. This Tommy Hilfiger button down shirt. I’ve already worn this with leggings and a belt and it fits me amazingly well, almost like a shirt dress.

Then this other men’s button down from a brand called NetWork that my Dad picked up from Goodwill. It didn’t fit him, but I love the way it fits me and the color is divine.

Next are the clothes I got on a trip to Goodwill with my mom. This gorgeous maxi dress that will be perfect to wear next summer. It does need some alterations from the waist up but I have some cool ideas the sew it up.

I’ve been searching for a pair of patterned “palazzo” pants for a while and I was super stoked to find these among the racks. They feel like pajamas but look like legit pants it’s the beeesssttt of both worlds! 🎶 (comment if you get that reference)

And finally the item that I’ve longed for for so long: leather pants! They’re high waisted and tailored and more comfortable than I expected. Plus they are 100% real leather for only $2.25! I have so many outfit ideas for them.

What clothing items have you scored lately?

Stay fly